Deltaline® TWR

Deltaline® TWR marking tape is an easy-to-install, completely removable means of providing the highest level of reflective performance for temporary roadway delineation. The composition of Deltaline® TWR is designed to provide superior high-performance wet night reflectivity and daytime visibility for Portland cement and bituminous surfaces. Deltaline® TWR is available in white, yellow, and high contrast, in a variety of roll widths, and as words and symbols. It is intended primarily for construction zones that may be opened to traffic immediately after application. Performs for the duration of the normal construction season.

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More Products

Deltaline XRP tape

Deltaline® XRP

Extended Reflective Performance not achievable from traditional markings.

Deltaline HCL tape

Deltaline® HCL

High Contrast Line with black edges, intended for light-colored surfaces.

Deltaline BTR tape

Deltaline® BTR

Temporary cover for permanent markings – drivers only see the lines they should.

Deltaline BXP tape

Deltaline® BXP

Black extended performance patterned tape to provide non-reflective contrast.


Product Extended Performance Removable High Contrast Available Wet Reflective Symbols & Legends Available
Deltaline® XRP Yes No Yes No Yes
Deltaline® XRP-R Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Deltaline® HCL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deltaline® HDX Yes No Yes No Yes
Deltaline® TWR No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deltaline® BTR No Yes No No No
Deltaline® BXP Yes No No No No
Brite-Line® 100 Removable No Yes No No Yes
Brite-Line® 1000 Durable Yes No No No Yes