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Deltaline XRP tape

Extended Reflective Performance not achievable from traditional markings.

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Deltaline XRP-R tape

Extended Reflective Performance and enhanced wet reflectivity.

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Deltaline HCL tape

High Contrast Line with black edges, intended for light-colored surfaces.

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Deltaline HDX tape

High-durability intersection tapes for crosswalks.

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Deltaline TWR tape

Wet reflective removable pavement marking tapes.

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Deltaline BTR tape

Temporary cover for permanent markings – drivers only see the lines they should.

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Deltaline BXP tape

Black extended performance patterned tape to provide non-reflective contrast.

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Brite-Line 100 Removable tape

For temporary markings – goes down faster, keeps crews safer.

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Automotive Wire Harness Tape

Including wire harness adhesive tape and waterproofing mastic.

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It's easy to say "safety first." At Brite-Line, we live it.

Brite-Line® LLC is a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of removable, durable and intersection-grade pavement marking tapes. Our field representatives are pavement marking experts ready to assist with all applications. Distribution centers are located in Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Frankfurt, Paris, Sydney, and Beijing.

Our products are proven.

Since 1986, our products have undergone extensive laboratory and field testing, developing a highly successful track record of commercial installations throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Our love for family drives us.

Through the safety-enhancing features of our pavement marking tapes, we strive to bring your loved ones home safely every day – motorists, pedestrians, and road crews alike. Our mission is to form lasting alliances with our partners to achieve the safest roads possible.

We pride ourselves on our service to you. Please contact us for more information.